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Most recent articles

Most recent articles

Veganic Agriculture Network in Montreal, Dec 4th, 2010

Tuesday 23 November 2010

On December 4th, 2010, the Veganic Agriculture Network will have a kiosk in Montreal for the event Grande Rencontre Vege / Big Veggie Gathering.

Growing Green with Iain Tolhurst

Online video - Vegan Organic Network
Sunday 7 November 2010
Growing Green is a free online video which interviews Stockfree Organic farmer Iain Tolhurst. In this 17-minute film, produced by the Vegan Organic Network, Iain take viewers on a tour of his farm, and explains his fertilization techniques using green manures and crop rotation. The film is (...)

Planet Earth: Shangri-La in New Zealand

Sunday 7 November 2010

This online video from Planet Earth introduces some basic concepts of veganic agriculture while visiting a veganic education centre in New Zealand. Shangri-La is an intentional community with veganic gardens and orchards that are run by volunteers.

Planet Earth: Austrian veganic farm

Sunday 7 November 2010

In an online episode of Planet Earth, a veganic farmer from Austria shows his fields and discusses his plant-based growing methods. Farmer Helmut provides veganic produce to over 100 families, and his fertilization is based on feeding the microorganisms with straw and grass cuttings.

Green Manures

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Green manures are grown in order to be cut down and buried. They can act as a source of fertilizer, bringing nitrogen and biomass to the soil, while also improving soil structure and retaining existing soil nutrients.


Sunday 5 September 2010

Mulches are materials that cover the ground, much like layers of leaves on the forest floor. Mulches improve water retention, reduce erosion, moderate the temperature of the soil, reduce competition from weeds, and bring added nutrients to the soil while also helping to retain existing nutrients.

Mobile Bicycle Gardening

An extreme gardening experiment
Wednesday 1 September 2010
In spring 2010, I cycled across Ontario, Canada, averaging 50 kilometers a day and covering 2000 kilometers in total. What enticing conditions to begin a new garden. Already loaded down with thirty pounds of gear, space was limited and the opportunities seemed meager for adding greenery to my (...)

Janlau Farm

Baie-du-Febvre, Quebec (Canada)
Thursday 6 May 2010
For 12 years, Laurent Lefebvre and Jean Côté have been moving toward farming without manure. Though they began as dairy farmers in 1973, they decided to stop farming animals in 1997 and concentrate exclusively on field crops. With their fields Certified Organic since the 1980’s, they were (...)

Overview of veganic techniques

Sunday 18 April 2010

In veganic agriculture, fertility is maintained without the use of chemical fertilizers or animal products. Instead, veganic agriculture favors good soil stewardship, biodiversity, plant-based fertility (compost, mulch, chipped branch wood, green manures), and mineral supplements if needed. Veganic aims for a closed system, striving to maintain fertility using the materials available on the farmland.

Hesperides Organica

Warwick, New York
Tuesday 9 March 2010
Hesperides Organica is located in the town of Warwick, New York, about 1 ½ hours northwest of New York City, and is run by farmer Lisa. The farm is located in the Black Dirt region of Orange County, an area with extremely fertile soil. The black dirt is left over from an ancient glacial (...)

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