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Ferme Victoria

Geneva, Floride

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Victoria Farm est une ferme familiale en expansion. Gérée par l’agriculteur Kip à Geneva en Floride. Sa soixantaine d’arbres fruitiers et à noix serviront de canopée pour un éventuel jardin forestier. Présentement, ces fermiers cultivent principalement pour leur consommation, donnant occasionnellement leurs surplus. Dans le future, il prévoit néanmoins vendre leurs surplus localement.

Using plant-based techniques, they seek to maximize their on-farm fertility, to increase overall energy efficiency, and to farm without the exploitation of animals. The farm’s fertility is maintained through green manure, compost, no-till and forest gardening practices.

They make their own compost, combining bahia grass and clover with chipped branch wood. Coastal hay and chipped branch wood are used to mulch the vegetable beds. To further enhance the nutrient cycle, they have begun brewing actively aerated compost tea (AACT), and micronutrient deficiencies are addressed with soluble kelp meal and alfalfa meal.

The farmers use vegan growing techniques because they do not want blood, bone, or products from confined animal feeding operations in their soils and in their food. They also have a small sanctuary of rescued chickens, pigs, and turkeys who they care for on the farm : the animals’ bedding and manure are composted for landscaping use, but only plant-based composts are used for food production.

Victoria Farm is Certified Organic through Quality Certification Services in Gainesville, Florida, and they are in the application process for a Vegan Organic certification.

If you would like to contact Victoria Farm, you can request contact information through this form.

Click on the image below to see a layout of Victoria Farm, with their impressive variety of fruit and nut trees. Zoom for more details.

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