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New translation : Honey Brook Organic Farm

Pennington, New Jersey

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Honey Brook Organic Farm est une ferme ASC dans Pennington, New Jersey, et fut décrite dans l’édition Hiver 2008 du bulletin d’information American Vegan. Avec 2 200 partenaires, nourrissant entre 3000 et 4000 personnes au total, la ferme Honey Brook Organic est surnommée la plus grande ferme ASC des États-Unis.

Local families purchase shares for the entire season, and are provided with fresh Certified Organic produce for significantly less than the price at the big box healthfood stores. The variety of crops grown at Honey Brook can be seen on their website’s Harvest Calendar.

Farmers Sherry and Jim run a successful farm, with several seasonal employees and a waiting list for CSA membership. With 65 acres, they recently expanded the farm by purchasing more acreage in a nearby county.

After farming organically with animal products for many years, the farmers more recently transitioned to veganic agriculture at the suggestion of one of their CSA members. They had become more aware of their vegetarian members and of animal issues when Sherry participated in an ethics study program at her church. Since they began using plant-based compost in place of composted manure, the farmers feel that their crop quality has improved.

On their website,, the farmers list the admirable goals for their organic CSA. They are committed to environmentally sound and sustainable agriculture that builds soil fertility, without the use of sewage sludge, animal manures, or GMO’s. They strive to offer high-quality local produce at reasonable prices, while also providing safe working conditions, comfortable housing and liveable wages for their employees. Concerned about preserving the genetic diversity of food crops, they grow many rare heirloom varieties. And in their local area, the farmers are active advocates for the future viability of family farming in New Jersey, and they also provide a setting where CSA members can reconnect with the land where their food is grown.

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