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Unexpected Farm

Watkins Glen, New York

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Les cultivateurs Bill et Linda possèdent une terre de 65 acres dans Watkin’s Glen, New York. La majeure partie du terrain est non-cultivé afin de laisser de l’espaces et habitats pour la faune. Ils cultivent environ 3 acres de terre et pratiquent l’agriculture véganique depuis leur début en 2001. Sur une partie différente de leur propriété vivent deux animaux rescapés (une vache et une chèvre) qui se partagent 4 acres de pâturage clôturé.

Unexpected Farm grows herbs, winter greens, root vegetables, beans, peas, lettuce, squash, strawberries, asparagus, peppers, and more. They also grow their own transplants at the farm. Their produce is Certified Naturally Grown, which is a low-cost certification program for small farmers, based on standards that are similiar to USDA organic. They sell their produce at a nearby farmer’s market in Ithaca, New York.

To maintain fertility, the farmers use soybeans, oats, buckwheat, sorghum-sudangrass, and clover as cover crops. They also purchase alfalfa meal, soybean meal, pebble rock phosphate, greensand, and limestone. Compost is produced on the farm for use as potting soil. Mulches are used to reduce the need for weeding.

Bill has a knack for innovation, and has created machines for cultivation and harvesting using components of reclaimed farming equipment and lawnmowers.

The farmers encourage biodiversity on their holding, and provide habitats for birds, snakes, beneficial insects, toads, and frogs, which naturally regulate the competing insects. Other insects are removed from the crops by hand, or deterred by garlic spray which is used as an insect repellent. No animals on the farm are intentionally killed, injured, or exploited.

By growing veganically, the farmers are expressing their ethic to cultivate "in harmony with nature and with respect for all living beings".

Note : Unexpected Farm is not set up to host apprentices or wwoofers (please check our other farm listings for volunteer opportunities).

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