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Huguenot Street Farm

New Paltz, New York

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Huguenot greenhouse

Les cultivateurs Ron et Kathryn ont une ferme modèle de 77 acres à New Paltz, New York.

Cultivant plus de 125 variétés de légumes, fruits, et fleurs, incluant des variétés ancestrales, Huguenot Street Farm gère un système de paniers ASC d’une durée de 21 semaines pour 200 familles de la régions. Les partenaires ont aussi l’avantage d’avoir accès au grand jardin en autocueillette.

They chose veganic because supporting factory farms and "putting what we consider to be toxic waste products onto our otherwise clean fields seems completely counter to our goal of organic clean living". While many organic farmers rely on slaughterhouse by-products for fertilization, the Huguenot Street farmers do not want to support animal confinement, and are concerned about the bio-accumulation of hormones, pesticides, and antiobiotics in the bodies and waste products of factory farmed animals.

Their fertilization techniques include green manures, cover crops, and rock powders, and they have carefully planned their crop rotations.

Huguenot gourds

Since they don’t transport animal waste to the farm or spread it on the fields, they find that veganic farming saves time and fuel costs.

The farm also leads in innovation, having developed a solar electric tractor, and a radiant heating system for their greenhouse.

Ron has worked to develop and promote Participatory Guarantee Systems, which provide low-cost certification to small organic farmers, and which encourage the farmers to increase their knowledge of organic practices. He works with the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements to promote PGS around the world ; and with the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, working as their International Organic Certification Consultant, he developed a PGS program for India.

To learn more about becoming certified through a participatory guarantee system in North America, visit Certified Naturally Grown.

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