Veganic products in stores with One Degree Organics

One Degree Organics is the first company focused on bringing veganic staples to the supermarket, including breakfast cereals, flours, whole grains, lentils, flax and hemp.

The business model is based on a completely transparent supply chain. Every product has a QR code so customers can trace the ingredients back to individual farms.

All One Degree products are grown on fields that use plant-based agricultural techniques. One Degree shares their motivations on their website:

"All our farmer partners are held to the highest standards of plant-based cultivation and grow crops without the use of chemicals, compounds or animal inputs. One of the key tenets of this high level of agriculture is to reject animal-based fertilizer. The reason for this is to keep pathogens and contaminants away from crops. Our farms use only plant-based fertilizers and favor nature’s own time-tested methods to build nutrients in the soil, such as rotating crop varieties and allowing fields to lie fallow. As a result, they produce healthier, safer food."

At the Veganic Agriculture Network, we’re happy to see veganic items making it to the grocery store shelves! In addition to growing our own vegetables and supporting local farmers, it’s also imperative to have access to pantry staples.

And it reminds us that only 25 years ago, the organic movement was still in its infancy, and organic products were few and far between in grocery stores. It gives us hope that veganic products will become more and more available in the coming years.

(Note: the majority of One Degree products are fully veganic and vegan, but a few of their products contain honey. Please check the ingredients to confirm).

30 October 2020
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