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Respond to a new consumer market

For farmers, growing veganically responds to an emerging market of consumers who desire completely organic, plant-based produce.

Organic food sales have a growth rate of almost 20% a year in North America, far higher than the growth rate for sales of conventional food. This is a booming market, and both small farmers and large companies have taken notice of this consumer trend. As consumers are becoming more conscious of health and the environment, they are seeking out food products that will not be harmful to their bodies or the earth.

With increasing consumer consciousness, some consumers would like higher standards for organic food production. There is a disillusionment that occurs when consumers discover that most organic food is marketed by large corporations, that organic standards are being compromised legislatively for big-business interests, and that organic food is often fertilized using the contaminated waste products of confined animals.

There is an emerging market of consumers who would happily support the initiatives of veganic farmers. Veganic responds to several niche markets:

 People who desire food that is free of contaminants like pesticides, antibiotics, and GMO’s
 People who choose food that is free of animal products
 People who would like to support sustainable initiatives

Veganic also appeals to the mass number of consumers who are already interested in standard organic food. Organic farmers who transition to veganic keep their regular base of customers, and additionally appeal to these niche markets of people who are seeking a more well-rounded approach to ethical food production.

For new veganic farmers or those in transition, you can advertise directly to the people who will be most interested in your methods of farming. Make connections with nearby healthfood stores and vegetarian or organic restaurants, and consider giving talks or announcements about veganic agriculture at local environmental groups, vegetarian groups, or health fairs. Also, contact us to tell us about your veganic farm, and we can point local consumers in your direction.

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