Join the veganic discussion group

We created a yahoo group to facilitate discussion between people who have an interest in veganic farming and gardening, primarily in North America.

This forum can be used to learn more, to seek advice from farmers and gardeners, to gain knowledge when transitioning to veganic, to ask questions of each other, and to post information about veganics.

The Veganic Agriculture Network also lists a "Veganic News" posting each month.

To join the yahoo group:
- send an email to
- shortly, you should receive an email entitled "Please confirm your request to join veganicnetwork."
- by responding to this email, you will complete your inscription.

If you do not receive a comfirmation email, your attempt to join the group was not successful. This occasionally happens, because certain email providers block the messages. If you encounter this problem, please contact us, and we will try to find solutions.

As an option, if you are a member of the veganicnetwork and also create a yahoo account, you will be able to read through the message archives at this address:

13 May 2008
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