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About us

The Veganic Agriculture Network includes people from all around North America sharing an interest in veganic ways of growing food.

This network is also part of the international Vegan Organic Network (VON).

Our mission

Wednesday 27 February 2008

The Veganic Agriculture Network is a new movement in North America to promote the production of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and cereals without the use of artificial substances nor the use of animal products. We promote sustainable, low-impact, plant-based farming and gardening.

Our plans

Thursday 15 May 2008
To promote veganic agriculture in North America, these are our plans: Make an internet discussion group for people who are interested in veganic agriculture. Create a website, www.goveganic.net, where people can learn about veganic principles, techniques, and resources. Centralize the (...)


Wednesday 20 February 2008
In 2004, Stéphane Groleau travelled for 9 months to learn about the veganic agriculture movement in Europe. In the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and France, he visited and worked at many veganic farms, gardens, and ecovillages. During this time, he became involved in the Vegan Organic (...)

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